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Sports Recovery

Be it soreness or injury rehabilitation, your recovery is important to us too.

Benefits of Sports Recovery

Unlock the power within with our Deep Tissue Sports Recovery! 

    This dynamic technique isn't just about improving musculoskeletal issues – it's a journey towards your best self.

    Experience the thrill of:

  • Boosting Performance: Unleash Your Athletic Potential!

  • Staying Injury-Free: Proactive Care for Active Lives.

  • Speeding Up Recovery: Get Back to Your Best Self Sooner!

  • Pain Be Gone: Targeted Relief for Aches and Tension.

  • Stress-Free Living: Relax, Recharge, Conquer.

  • Circulation Booster: Fueling Muscles for Success.

  • Post-Event Rejuvenation: Bounce Back with Vitality!

  • Customized Care: Your Unique Path to Success Through Massage Wellness.

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Sports Recovery

People with the following health conditions will not be able to do the session:

Injury within the last 3 days, acute inflammatory reaction, acute infectious diseases, heart disease, open wounds, burns, fractures, inflammatory conditions (e.g. gout & rheumatoid arthritis), infections of the skin and soft tissues, deep vein thrombosis, bleeding disorders (e.g. haemophilia, blood thinning medication, severe varicose veins, tumors, alcohol intoxication, & sunburns.

People with the following health conditions are encouraged to seek medical clearance before the session:

asthma, athlete’s foot, bunions, bursitis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, cramps, cysts, dermatitis, diabetes mellitus, disc problems & frozen shoulder.


  • #02-13 Geylang West CC, 1205 Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore 387311

  •  +65 8832 0042

How To Find Us

  • Next to Upper Boon Keng Hawker Center

  • Kallang MRT

    5 mins walk

  • Geylang Bahru MRT

    7-9 mins walk

  • Boon Keng MRT

    2 Bus Stops away (Bus 31 & 985)

Types of Sports Recovery

Please inform the therapist know of any known medical conditions before you start on your therapy.

Recovery Packages

Elevate your well-being and performance with our carefully curated sports recovery packages.

    Most Popular

    Full Body Recovery (Buy 5 Get 1 Free)

    Elevate your wellness with our exclusive offer - acquire 5 Full Body Recovery and enjoy an additional session on us. Dive into deep relaxation, dissolve stress, and unlock a renewed sense of vitality.

    U.P. $360


    Save $60

    Best Price

    Full Body Recovery (Buy 8 Get 2 Free)

    Experience the pinnacle of well-being with our remarkable deal - secure 8 Full Body Recovery and relish the gift of TWO extra sessions. Immerse yourself in serenity, let stress melt away, and rediscover your boundless energy.

    U.P. $600


    Save $120

    Back & Shoulders Massage

    Back & Shoulders Recovery (Buy 5 Get 1 Free)

    Is daily life taking a toll on your back and shoulders? Our new package is the perfect solution, whether you're at a desk all day or managing a bustling household. With Buy 5 Get 1 Free Back & Shoulders Recovery, you'll find targeted relief from persistent knots and aches. 

    U.P. $240


    Save $40

    Lower Body Massage

    Lower Body Recovery (Buy 5 Get 1 Free)

    For those in demanding roles, like retail or service professionals who are always on their feet, relief is a game-changer. Our Buy 5 Get 1 Free Lower Body Recovery package caters to unique needs, benefiting those dependent on their legs for their livelihood. It's not just for athletes; it's for anyone needing to perform daily.

    U.P. $180


    Save $30

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