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Private Group Coaching

We provide you a personalized training that caters to the individual's unique physical & emotional needs.

Why Choose Private Group Coaching?

Discover the power of Group Coaching – where fitness meets community. Achieve your specialized goals, whether it's preparing for your wedding, excelling in your sport, or enhancing your youth's athleticism. Join our vibrant classes for a social experience that fosters motivation, diversity, and expert-led support, all at an affordable price. Come together, sweat together, and unleash your potential!

    Empower Your Collective Journey

  • Pre-wedding fitness for confidence and radiance on your special day.

  • Elevate your game with specialized training for athletic excellence.

  • Youth physical development with skill, strength, and agility improvement.

  • Enhance senior health with balance, mobility, and functional strength training.

  • Adventure-ready fitness for hiking, backpacking, and obstacle race enthusiasts.

  • Safe and effective workouts for populations with unique medical and physical needs.

  • Gradual and sustainable weight loss or muscle growth through lifestyle changes and community support.

Private Group Coaching


Social Experience

Social Experience

Sweat, smile, & connect in our group sessions. Feel the energy of working out together & celebrate your journey as a community.

Structured Classes

Structured Classes

Say goodbye to workout guesswork. Our fixed schedules & diverse class options ensure a structured plan & exciting variety.



Quality fitness doesn't have to break the bank. Shared costs make achieving your goals both effective and budget-friendly.


Elevate your fitness with professional guidance. Our expert trainers ensure you reach your goals with confidence.

Training Packages

We provide a different packaged sessions that are optimum for acquiring specific goals.

Synergy Booster

Synergy Booster Package

Suitable for those seeking for:

- Pre-Wedding Fitness

- Seniors Health Training

- Population with Special Needs/ Medical Conditions

- Youth Athletic Development


Face-To-Face Sessions

Collective Momentum

Collective Momentum Package

Suitable for those seeking for:

- Sport-Specific Training
- Outdoor Adventure Preparation
- Group Weight Loss or Muscle Building
- Corporate Wellness Programs


Face-To-Face Sessions

Group Size & Pricing

For more information, please arrange for a consultation call with our friendly staff.

Micro Group Size
Micro (2-3 Pax)
Synergy Boost (12 sessions)

Per Session from

$50/ pax

Collective Momentum (16 Sessions)

Per Session from

$40/ pax

Compact Group Size
Compact (4-6 Pax)
Synergy Boost (12 sessions)

Per Session from

$30/ pax

Collective Momentum (16 Sessions)

Per Session from

$24/ pax

Balanced Group Size
Balanced (7-12 Pax)
Synergy Boost (12 sessions)

Per Session from

$20/ pax

Collective Momentum (16 Sessions)

Per Session from

$16/ pax

Abundant Group Size
Abundant (13-20 Pax)
Synergy Boost (12 sessions)

Per Session from

$15/ pax

Collective Momentum (16 Sessions)

Per Session from

$12/ pax

Frequently Asked Questions

Still needing clarifications? Let us know how we can help you better.

  • What is Private Group Coaching? What are the benefits as compared to one-to-one personal training or group fitness classes?

  • Private Group Coaching is a personalized fitness experience designed for a small group of participants. It combines the benefits of tailored workouts and camaraderie. Unlike one-to-one training, it's cost-effective, and unlike group classes, it has a variety of classes within a fixed schedule.

  • How many participants are typically in a private group coaching session?

  • We recommend a group size of 4-6 participants for an ideal balance of individualized attention and group dynamics. However, we are flexible and can accommodate groups as small as 2-3 or larger groups ranging from 13-20 participants. This allows you to tailor the experience to your preferences and fitness goals.

  • Are group members required to have similar fitness levels?

  • While it's not a strict requirement, it can enhance the group's experience if participants have relatively similar fitness levels. However, our trainers are skilled in adapting workouts to accommodate different fitness levels, ensuring that everyone benefits from the sessions.

  • Can I have a customized workout plan for my private group? How is nutrition and diet guidance incorporated into private group coaching?

  • Yes, you can have a customized workout plan specifically designed for your private group, ensuring that everyone's goals and needs are considered. Nutrition and diet guidance can be included to complement your fitness journey, providing a holistic approach to health and wellness.

  • Can I choose my own group members, or will they be assigned?

  • You have the flexibility to choose your own group members, creating an environment of trust and camaraderie. If you prefer us to do the matching, we can place you on a waiting list, allowing other members to express interest. This way, we aim to create the best group dynamic for you.

  • Can I schedule sessions at a time and location that suits our group?

  • Our private group coaching sessions are primarily held at Embrace Fitness Studio in Kallang. Timing will depend on schedule availability. If you have specific location preferences, we can consider them, although charges may differ from the published rates. We're committed to making your fitness journey as convenient as possible.

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