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Personal Services

We provide you a personalized services that caters to the individual physical & emotional needs. 

Types of Services

In any one session, only one of the following services can be provided.

Fitness Training

This will focus mainly on improving the physical conditions of each individual. It is particularly useful for those who have specific fitness goals that they would like to achieve with more specific and tailored instructions. Training can be group coaching or one-to-one training.

Fitness training can be provided in all 3 modes of service.


$100/ session


$60/ session


Package Based

*Package-based discounts available


In this urban and fast-moving environment, it is important to have a peace of mind. Chat with our friendly counsellor to learn stress management & coping strategies, or just for an avenue to vent out our feelings.

Counselling is only available on a face-to-face basis.


$100/ session

Modes of Services

Depending on your individual needs.


Do you need someone to guide you personally and push you to go beyond your limits? Or do you prefer to have someone who attends to your individual health conditions? Try out our Face-to-Face consultation.


Are you disciplined and able to carry out your exercise on your own, but require proper guidance on to how to do so? On a budget but require professional advice? Get results through evidence-based exercise science.


Get the best out of both worlds -- affordable and consistent online guidance, with occasional face-to-face sessions to provide you with more personal attention and supervision? Try our hybrid model now.

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