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On-Demand Consultation

We provide you a personalized training that caters to the individual's unique physical & emotional needs.

Why Choose On-Demand Consultation?

Unlock the power of On-Demand Consultation! Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned gym enthusiast, our expert guidance is just a click away. Discover a world of customized advice tailored to your unique goals, whether it's preventive health management, weight loss, muscle building, or overall well-being. Embrace flexibility, knowledge, and motivation on your path to a healthier you.

    Personalized Guidance on Demand

  • Receive personalized assessments of your fitness levels and health status.

  • Get guidance on selecting the right group classes to meet your goals.

  • Define clear fitness objectives and track your progress effectively.

  • Access nutrition tips and meal planning to complement your fitness routine.

  • Techniques for managing stress and advice on lifestyle changes.

  • Learn techniques to prevent injuries and recover from strenuous workouts.

On-Demand Consultation




Personalized guidance tailored to your goals & experience, ensuring your journey aligns with your unique aspirations.



Stay within your budget by paying only for the specific guidance you need, optimizing your fitness investment.



Access expert advice when you need it, whether for technique improvement or progress tracking, on your schedule.



Ideal for those who prefer independence in their fitness journey, gain knowledge and take control of your health.

Pricing & Packages

Looking for savings? Choose one of these packages to enjoy special discounts.

Essential Wellness Plan

Essential Wellness Plan

1 Face-To-Face Session + 1 Online Consultation

Suitable for those seeking for:
- Relevant Fitness Assessment & Analysis

- Group Fitness class selection & key technique education

U.P. $160


Save $22

Prime Wellness Plan

1 Face-To-Face Sessions + 3 Online Consultations

Suitable for those seeking for:

- Personalized Nutritional Advice & Planning

- Consistent Goal Setting & Tracking

U.P. $280


Save $52

Ultimate Wellness Plan

3 Face-To-Face Sessions + 4 Online Consultations

Suitable for those seeking for:
- Comprehensive Stress Management & Lifestyle Modification Plan

- Detailed Injury Prevention Education & Technique Training

U.P. $540


Save $142

Frequently Asked Questions

Still needing clarifications? Let us know how we can help you better.

  • What is On-Demand Fitness Consultation, and how does it differ from one-to-one personal training or private group coaching?

  • On-Demand Fitness Consultation is a personalized fitness guidance service that offers tailored advice and support, ideal for disciplined and self-directed individuals seeking cost-effective flexibility. While private group coaching fosters a group dynamic, On-Demand Consultation is dedicated to meeting your individual needs and enhancing your fitness journey.

  • How can On-Demand Consultation complement my participation in group fitness classes?

  • On-Demand Consultation can be a valuable addition to your group fitness class experience. It helps you choose the right classes that align with your goals, offers exercise technique guidance, and provides ongoing support. It's a way to make the most of your group classes and ensure they contribute to your fitness progress.

  • What specific guidance does On-Demand Consultation provide?

  • On-Demand Consultation is designed to be cost-effective, allowing you to pay only for the specific guidance you need. It offers tailored advice on exercise selection, technique correction, workout planning, and goal setting. This flexibility ensures you receive valuable support while staying within your budget.

  • Can I get guidance on exercise techniques and form correction?

  • Exercise technique and form correction are available in our face-to-face sessions, where our experts can provide hands-on guidance. While online consultations focus on other aspects of your fitness journey, the in-person sessions are dedicated to helping you perfect your exercise techniques and maintain correct form for maximum effectiveness and safety.

  • How flexible is the scheduling of On-Demand Consultation sessions? Are there specific session durations or limits for On-Demand Consultation?

  • Online Consultation is usually 45mins, and Face-to-Face is 1hr. Packages purchased have a designated timeframe for completion. You have the freedom to set your schedule upon purchase, and we encourage it. However, you can cancel or reschedule sessions as needed, subject to our 24-hour notice cancellation policy. This flexibility ensures that the program aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Can On-Demand Consultation complement my own gym workout or outdoor schedule?

  • Yes, On-Demand Consultation can seamlessly complement your independent workout or outdoor activities. Our fitness consultants can provide you with customized guidance and exercises that align with your workout preferences. Whether you prefer the gym, the great outdoors, or a home-based routine, we are here to assist you.

  • How do I decide how many sessions I should sign up for?

  • The number of sessions should align with your specific fitness goals, experience level, and the level of guidance you require. Our community consultants can help you determine the ideal package that meets your needs. You can always start with a smaller package and add more sessions if necessary to progress towards your goals.

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