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Connecting to your inner vitality

Classes We Offer

We provide you a range of exciting fresh programs, covering cardio, strength, flexibility & coordination fitness goals. We also recognize that specialized communities would also benefit greatly from specialized classes to cater to their individual needs. These include classes for seniors & families. At Embrace Fitness, we embrace your health and functional wellness.

Strength Training

Strength Training helps to increase muscle mass & bone density and has been scientifically proven to be especially useful for those suffering from osteoporosis & sarcopenia.

Cardio Training

Cardio Training can improve heart, lungs & metabolic health. This type of training is beneficial for mild high blood pressure, diabetes & mild heart conditions.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training reduces muscle aches & pains, and increase range of motion. People with hunchback, scoliosis, bow-leggedness or frozen shoulder may feel less discomfort from doing this class.

Coordination Training

Coordination Training can improve psychomotor skills, reaction time & balance. This is particular useful for athletes & seniors.


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